제목 : WIZ220IO Firmware V1.3
This is the latest firmware v1.3 for the WIZ220IO 
Please update it using WIZ220IO configuration tool.

Firmware Revision History
-Version 1.3 (2012-06-20)
  Fixed the flash memory problem

-Version 1.2

  fixed notification sequence bug.

-Version 1.1

  enhanced Webpage parsing process
  added default page for mobile device. When you open the web page with mobile device, the module show the 'mindex.htm' as default page. If there is not 'mindex.htm' in the module or open the page with PC, the module will show 'index.htm' as default page.
  modified notification option parameter. In the version 1.0, digital output parameters are 0x00(Low) and 0x01(high). But, in the version 1.1, digital output parameters are 0x4C(Low) and 0x48(High).
  Supports Output port control through the notification port. In the version 1.1, module can control output port by received data. 
  changed time period of notification stream from 1 second to 10ms.