제목 : [Old] WizFi210/220 User Manual(KR) V1.14

The WizFi family of fully certified modules offers a quick, easy, and cost effective way for device and appliance manufacturers to add Wi-Fi capabilities to their products.
This manual contains information, specifications, operating instructions and technical data of the module.

<03/12/2013 V1.14>

Added explanation of AT+XRESET Command.

Added FAQ


<03/08/2013 V1.13>

Added AT+XRESET Command

Added max/min power value of AT+WP Command


<10/24/2012 V1.12>

Added AT+WAUTO Option(2 for Limited AP mode)

Added FAQ(Reducing the disassociation event)

Removed unused AT Commands

Removed some features for customizing f/w

<01/11/2012 V1.11>
Added UART baud rate(460800, 921600)
Added EXT_RESET description
Added FAQ
Added AT+DHCPSRVR Command
Added Product contents

<09/05/2011 V1.10>
Changed Evaluation Board
Changed GPIO number(HW Trigger, Button)
Changed AT+XEHT Command
Added Limited AP Feature

<05/24/2011 V1.01>
Changed Power Consumption and RF Output Power
Added Auto Reconnect AT Command(AT+XAR)
Added Certification Information

<03/31/2011  V1.0>
Official Release