제목 : W7100A / W7100 integrated driver v1.91

The W7100A / W7100 integrated driver was updated v1.91
Including driver files are:



  Date         version    Description
  08/01/2009 v1.0  Release Version.
  03/29/2010 v1.1  Modify send() function, double check return value of getSn_RX_RSR(), getSn_TX_FSR()
                               and change the ret => len on sendto() function of socket.c file.
  04/08/2010 v1.2  Modify IINCHIP_WRITE_BUF() 0x000000 => 0x000000l (32bit long type), 
                               Modify tcpipcore.h common register define value => address for the unity of 
                               W7100 register definition.
  04/13/2010 v1.3  Modify the set_Sn_IR() function of TCPIPCore.c file and change the variable type 
                                static => extern in TCPIPCore.h file.  Add INTLEVEL0 register to TCPIPCore.h file. 
                               If user want to use interrupt, user must set the INTLEVEL0 higher than 0x3000. 
                               ex> IINCHIP_WRITE(INTLEVEL0, 0x50); IINCHIP_WRITE(INTLEVEL0 + 1, 0x00);
  05/12/2010 v1.4  Modify the T2CON SFR bit order definition
  02/03/2011 v1.5  Change the wizmemcpy function of wizmemcpy.c to support various compiler and stability 
                                new wizmemcpy function may slow down the memory copying speed but it is stable and suit
                                for all compiler. The wizmemcpy version 1.4 was only suitable for Keil compiler.
                                If you use Keil compiler and want more fast memory copying speed, you can use pervious
                                version wizmemcpy.
  03/28/2011 v1.6  Add the PHY_mode_config() function for QFN64 pin package. The QFN64 pin package don't
                               have PHY mode selection pin. So we need to configure it using the PHY_CONF SFR, set the  
                               PHY mode bits and reset using the reset bit. This procedure is implemented in   
                               PHY_mode_cofnfig() function of TCPIPCore.h file.
  04/26/2011 v1.7  Add the CHIP_Init() function for stability of W7100/W7100A. We must set the 'RB' bit of 
                               WCONF bit when we start the user application for stable working state.
  05/02/2011 v1.8  Add the serial.c/serial.h and delay.c/delay.h files for W7100/W7100A. The putchar() and 
                               getkey() functions were added for printf() and scanf() functions of standard I/O.
  05/19/2011 v1.81 Modify the description of PHY_mode_config() function in TCPIPCore.c file.
  12/21/2011 v1.82 Modify the set_MEMsize() function in TCPIPCore.c file for allocating 16KB memory to 
                                 the socket.
  02/21/2012 v1.83 Modify the InitSerial() function in serial.c file for Serial interrupt enable(before: disable)
  06/07/2012 v1.9   ARP Errata avoidance codes be applied.
                                  - Added the ApplySubnet(), SetSubnet(), GetSubnet(), ClearSubnet() functions in TCPIPcore.c file.
                                  - Modified the connect() function and sendto() function in socket.c file.
                                  - Modified the Init_Network() function in TCPIPcore.c file. 
                                  For more information about 'ARP Errata', please refer to 'W7100A Errata sheet'.          
                                 Modified the InitSerial() function in Serial.c file for UART application note. (UART & Timer mode selection) 
                                 Added the Init_iMCU() function and Init_Network function to TCPIPcore.c file.
                                 These Initialization functions had previously located in main.c file. 


  02/22/2013 v1.91  Moved '#define USE_QFN64' to TCPIPCore.h for W7100A-64QFN package correct initialization.


  04/16/2013 v1.92  Programmable GPIO Pull-up setting in Init_iMCU() function, TCPIPCore.c (for character LCD display)