제목 : WIZ107SR(Old HW rev 1.1) Firmware v2.20

WIZnet mainly revised the hardware and software of WIZ107SR with the discontinuance of the main MCU, W7100, in November 2012

Since the hardware of the module for the old and new version are compatible, customers can replace the old version with new version without changing their existing hardware design.

However, the have to use the appropriate firmware according to hardware version. If they upload the wrong firmware, the module will not work properly.


This is the old firmware v2.20 for the WIZ107SR Rev1.1(using W7100 chip)

 Part #

Hardware Version

Available Firmware Version



V1.1 or below

V2.20 (the latest one)

If you upload the wrong firmware, the module doesn’t work properly.


There is no difference in all functions and features

V1.3 or above

V3.04 or above

Firmware Revision History
- Version 2.20 ( 2013. 02. 22 )
   Fixex the problem about DHCP

   - In version 2.17, After WIZ107SR received IP address from DHCP server, WIZ107SR did not

     send DHCP Request Packet in spite of DHCP lease timeout.

- Version 2.17 ( 2013. 02.08 )
   Revised the serial command function in order to use stably.
   Fixed the data loss problem in DHCP mode.
- Version 2.13 ( 2012. 11.15 )
 Enhanced stability
- Version 2.1 ( 2012. 06.01 )
  Fixed the flash memory problem

- Version 1.93
  Enhanced stability

- Version 1.9
 1. The driver of W7100 changed to the latest version
 2. Serial data packing timer operation revised
   : Before this version, serial data is packed and sent in the defined period; in this version, when there is no serial data during the defined period, the packed serial data will be sent.

- Version 1.81 (patch version of v1.8; 2011. 03. 31)
1. Fixed the IP address filtering bug in client mode.
    If and only if the IP address of the module has one byte 0 (e.g., and if the module in client mode, it cannot connect with the pre-defined remote host automatically. Please note the bug exists only in v1.8, and the patch version 1.81 only fixed the bug of v1.8.

- Version 1.8 (2011. 03. 14)
1. Fixed the S/W trigger errors in client and mixed mode.
2. Revised the debug log message :
    :In client mode, "LGSEG: CONNECTING" will only display one time during connecting with server.
    :In mixed mode, "LGSEG: CONNECTING LGSEG: LISTENING" will display when serial data received before connection established.
    :"LGSEG:CONNECTED" will display when connection is established.
3. Changed the default minimal value of reconnection interval for client mode from 0ms to 1000ms in order to avoid connection flood.

- Version  1.7(2011.01.27)
Fixed S/W trigger error in Client Mode

- Version  1.6 (2010.10.22)
Fixed serial packing error in mixed mode

- Version 1.5 (2010.09.28)
Revised the device name for DHCP usage.
Fixed the serial configuration mode switching problem in mixed/client operation mode.
Fixed the serial command error issues.

- Version 1.4  (2010.08.04)
Fixed the network data receiving delay issue.

- Version 1.2   2010. 6.25
Fixed: RTS/CTS problem.
Fixed: Version display problem on configuration tool.
Added: Hardware Trigger Pin to connection indicator after the reset.

-Version 1.1    2010. 6.25
Fixed: In UART function, variable initialization error.
Fixed: In DHCP function, hostname size error.
Fixed: Debug code printing error.
Fixed: In UART function, parity bit error