제목 : WIZ610wi User Manual V2.0.1

V2.01 -Remove SSL

V2.00 -Modified Product Contents ( Removed Data CD )

V1.91-Pin pitch information added at Fig.36

V1.9 -Serial command modified & amended

        -Serial max baud rate modified (Max 921,600bps)

       -Temperature specification modified

         -Aging test report added.

V1.8 -Serial command amended

V1.7 -Serial Command Added

        *Socket Connection Status Checking

        *TCP Server setup(IP address or Domain Name)

       -SSL module added

       -Default SSID is changed to ‘WLANAP’

        -Serial to WiFi Reference schematic Added

V1.6 -Pin description (table 9) Amended.

        GPIO7 -> nRS232_LED

       -Reference Schematic Amended (Pin No. 5)

        -Wizard Program introduction Added

V1.5 -Serial Command Added

          Server-Client connection status checking

         -Reference Schematic Amended(Pin No. 6, 7)

V1.4 -Serial Command Amended

V1.3 -Serial Command Added

V1.2 -Client mode IP setting amended

        -Power Consumption fact amended

        -IGMP function added

        -Server connection trying interval function added on the serial client mode.

        -Data Packet ConditionTime(SecondaMillisecond)

V1.1 -Gateway mode 8080 port access added

        -Client mode WAN setting added

        -Serial Packing Condition added

        -Serial Command added

V1.0 Release